Emil Dickson is a Swedish musician, artist and songwriter. Inspired by greatness such as that of Foo Fighters, Johnny Cash and Biffy Clyro, Emil creates beautiful pop/rock-songs with acoustic elements. At times heavy with trembling guitar walls and at times supported by a lone acoustic guitar, the songs are led by fine-tuned melodies and Emil’s steady, deep voice. Emil’s past as frontman and lead singer of bands has made him a natural and experienced star on stage. At one point he started to feel the life of a solo artist, writing only to and for himself, seeming all the more appealing to him. Said and done, Emil collected and developed song ideas in his home recording studio and soon it was time to take the project to a new level. Around this time Emil's former band Sound of Trains & Aeroplanes collectively decided to call it a day, and Emil subsequently made work of his plans to pursue a solo career.

In order to take his songs to the stage he has formed a backing band consisting of friends he’s previously collaborated with in various forms. Together they deliver an energetic and powerful-sounding live show. They played many shows at different venues in their hometown Stockholm and continue to do so. Apart from the full on rock-show experience of the band, Emil also likes to perform lower-dynamic, acoustic versions of his songs, backed by either parts of or all of his band.

In December of 2013, the self-recorded and -produced The Only Clear Blue Sky EP was released and is currently available through Spotify, iTunes etc. The new single One Thousand Six Hundred was released digitally on March 20, 2015.

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